New FDA Menu Labeling Regulations to Be Released

August 15, 2014

Authored by: Sara Ahmed and Brandon Neuschafer

You may recall that Digest covered the proposed FDA menu labeling regulations back in January 2014.

Although the regulations were supposed to roll out earlier this year, the FDA extended the comment period to continue to solicit industry feedback.

Now, as the proposed regulations are in its final stages of review, convenience stores and other small businesses are banding together to oppose their inclusion in the proposed menu labeling regulations.

Earlier this month, the Chairman of the National Association of Convenience Stores, Brad Call, complained that “[t]he FDA got the size and style all wrong for thousands of small businesses when it tried to fit them with the same heavy-duty menu-labeling regulations as big fast-food chains…When it comes to small businesses that just want to offer the convenience of a few prepared food items, let’s hope Congress discovers the common sense to design a solution that really fits.”

The regulations are still with the Office of Management and Budget for review, but as always, visit Digest for updates and developments in the field.